Glad Tidings, These Magpies Demand To Be Heard

In reading A Tiding of Magpies by Pete Sutton the reader treads a pathway through the weird world of Pete’s imagination into the darkness beyond the veil. Starting with the almost innocuous “Roadkill”, in which a small child has an unusual way of dealing with troublesome adults, then falling into the world below in “Sailing Beneath The City”, a haunting tale of drifting alone in a forgotten world of mists and greyness where a memory eating trance can be induced at will, snuffing out painful thoughts.… Read the rest

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Books to make your mouth water!

Reading these two books in the last week has kept me quiet! I recommend both unreservedly.

Review: Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

Colm Toibin draws on his knowledge of Irish family life in the small towns of rural Ireland in the 1950’s, where gossipy neighbours and the Church played a large part in daily life. He draws a compelling picture of the claustrophobia and lack of privacy felt by the teenage Eilis as she grows up under the watchful eyes of her widowed mother and her glamourous elder sister Rose.Read the rest

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Books Books Books – Poetry and Prose

The Finding of Martha Lost by Caroline Wallace – Review

This is an imaginative and engaging book with a touch of magic. The narrator is Martha Lost, an unworldly sixteen year old foundling trying to discover her identity. Having been abandoned on the train from Paris to Liverpool as a baby, and brought up by ‘Mother’ a nasty villainess who has kept Martha tied to her with violence and fear.Read the rest

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Mad March Days

‘Good grief’ I thought, ‘Easter cometh round again, I’d better wake up!’ and so I emerged from hibernation to find warmth and sunshine awaiting me, just a couple of steps from my back door. The pond has frogspawn in it, the magnolia has lots of pink and white buds all over, the birds are singing and the grass needs a trim!… Read the rest

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Goodbye October, Hallo November

Hello All, 1st November was a beautiful start to what I hope will be a lovely month. It’s bound to better than October has been for me. Two weeks ago having had unexplained difficulty in walking up gentle slopes which other people had no apparent difficulty with, coupled with breathlessness and chest pains, and acknowledging the fact that this had been happening more often than I cared to admit, I visited my G.P.… Read the rest

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Holiday Rocks

Back from holiday, having spent seventeen days  in a caravan in Hayle in September. Hayle, a seaside town with a rich history, and fabulous beaches is a mere five miles from St. Ives. We drove down country roads, past legendary inn The Bucket of Blood, a fantastic centuries old haunted pub, down to the free car park in Hayle’s busy main street, then caught the bus into the bus station  overlooking the harbour in St.… Read the rest

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July Scrumptious!

June gave way to July which opened on the 1st July with a lovely evening of Poetry at Café Arabica in North View, Westbury Park. This was a well attended part of the Westbury Park Festival and a diverse group of poets (including me!) were given a warm welcome by Halil, who served up the best coffee I’ve had in a long time!… Read the rest

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Wow, Another Good Week!

Following the “Diary” theme of my May – June blog, I felt I must tell you about the wonderful Totterdown Music Festival which took place on Friday evening 12th June until Sunday evening 14th June. The opening act on Sunday was  Will Bisp ,a fantastic singer/songwriter/guitarist with an engaging well thought out set. (Well done Will). The bands were brilliant, the food great, barbequed burgers to please the most pernickety eater, and the atmosphere friendly and joyous!… Read the rest

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May Madness, Into June.

Hi All,

A catch-up, round-up, for you, as the half-way mark of 2015 approaches.

Earlier in the year I was invited to submit a short story in 250 word parts as part of the Dream of a Shadow Redcliffe Future Way Project.   A story set in the future was the brief, and should show ways in which the area might change and develop.… Read the rest

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April’s Sunny Days

April has proved to be a sunny forerunner of (hopefully) a good Summer. The days have been bright and warm and the opportunity to shake of the slothfulness of Winter is not to be missed. With Bristol Spring Festival now upon us, poetry readings and general literary ventures taking place, this month is shaping up to be even busier than last month!… Read the rest

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A Review of February/March

Somehow I’ve made it to the end of mad March without going any madder than usual! The last five weeks have been pretty hectic.

On 19th February I gave a performance at Bristol Short Story Slam, telling my scary story “Golden Days, Silver Nights” (previously published in my ebook Girls Night Out ) which was received very well by a capacity audience at The Polish Club in Clifton.… Read the rest

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Exciting Times Ahead

So exciting! Today I learned I have three stories featured in The Bristol Story Trail which starts tomorrow (map to follow). This is the advertising leaflet for this event – my stories are;

Dream of a Shadow ad.

1. Mr Jolly’s Teabreak,
2. Spike Island 1970, and children’s story
3. A Day in the High street, featuring Thomas and the Dragon.… Read the rest

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January Hi-Jinks

Hi All, good to catch up! This month has been a very busy and excellent creative month. Reading and performing poetry, which I continue to do and enjoy enormously, led me into a new venture and on 14th January, I launched out into story telling with a night at Crofters Rights in Stokes Croft, Bristol, with my well received short story “Golden Days Silver Nights”.… Read the rest

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On Newspaper/Media Reports

“Children as young as four years old guilty of racist remarks, sexism, of being cruel and making bullying remarks to overweight children. The resulting name-calling includes ‘doughnut, fat buckets of KFC, Girl, and Somalian (to a Somalian child) and Chinese Boy’ (about a Chinese Boy)”. The guilty children have their misdeeds noted in the Reports Book, which will be communicated to the class teachers throughout the school, and to any school later attended by these children.… Read the rest

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Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!!

Put the past behind you, give the past a push – into the ether, for now all is new.
Look around you with new eyes, see the sky, the trees, the green of the grass.
Appreciate it’s newness. Know that the year is new and has yet to be writ.
Write it as you will, make it good.… Read the rest

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The long awaited 36 Short Stories 2014 is now published including two of my short stories and is available to purchase from LULU publishers here:Read the rest

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Embracing Change

Some of you may notice that logging into my website brings you directly to Blog page! This is one of the changes taking place on my website and one which will bring a lively update to you straightaway – and will inform you of any new stories or poetry within the site. Good eh? Another change (still in progress) is the addition of social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter.… Read the rest

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Fallen Leaves, Red and Gold

Walking the leafy suburbs one Friday I couldn’t believe my luck. Beautiful perfect leaves in wonderful colours just there for the taking! Bright red, fading to pink, golden and pale yellow, bronze to almost orange. I collected several and carried them carefully home and am pressing some in the pages of my Dodopad.

It’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been helping out a bit in my old workplace while they’ve been a bit short staffed.… Read the rest

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Weekly Round-up

So we come to today, and I am just back from the dentist, where I had a check-up and was told there was no need for any work, teeth are fine, come back in May 2015. Kerching! £73.00!

The poetry readings/performances are coming on a treat! The Oxford at Totterdown, Bristol went very well, and as the other acts were musicians and I was the only poet, I was well pleased with the response.… Read the rest

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A Sunny Sunday Revue of the Week

A visit to The M Shed with grandson JOE TOWNLEY on Sunday afternoon 12/10/14 led to a comic workshop being held there hosted by Tom Plant (Beano), Cavan Scott (Beano, Doctor Who), Huw Powell (Spacejackers). Great fun and although ostensibly for children, the adults too seemed to enjoy creating comic character and stories. Watch this space for the adventures of a new super powered hero – coming soon!Read the rest

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